survive the impacts

of covid-19

As a responsible business and employer, you will want to do the right thing to support your staff and to make your customer experience as safe and reassuring as possible.

Your staff and your customers are vital to your success and so organisations that place People at the centre of organisational resilience will have a greater chance of surviving the impacts of Covid-19

Building confidence and supporting the wellbeing of your returning staff members is essential. Similarly, if your business relies on front facing customer or client interaction, many will be anxious about using your services and will want to be assured that you have made their safety and wellbeing a priority.


At Foresee Associates, we believe that a step change will be essential in ensuring successful transition from lockdown to the new normality of living and working alongside Covid-19.

we believe that there are four key elements to the approach


Is your premises or service ready to do business as we transition through the Scottish Government four phases?


Do you have the staff and resources to deliver your services safely and effectively


Will your staff and customers feel safe as they return to your premises or service?


Have you planned effectively for each of the four phases and beyond, to address future risks or further lockdown arrangements?




The 4 C's are underpinned by the need for good, clear, effective and consistent communication with staff, customers and stakeholders.


The Foresee approach is a tried and tested resilience model that will ensure you are well placed, not only to survive the impacts of COVID-19, but to thrive beyond in the future.

things to consider as your business emerges from covid-19



how can we assist

  • Identified the risks to staff, customers and clients?

  • Explored alternative ways to work – parallel working teams, home working

  • Observe the rules – meet government guidance

  • Mitigate the risks – physical distancing, signage, working bubbles

  • Staff getting into and out of work

  • Put measures in place to ensure your business is COVID Secure

  • COVID Compliant risk assessments

  • Advise on safe systems of working

  • Advise on measures to keep staff and customers safe

  • Independent professional advice and validation of arrangements by our qualified Associates

  • Identify and assist with sourcing  equipment / services

CAPACITY: Do you have the resources ready and available to deliver your business?


how can we assist

  • Personnel - access to qualified and trained workforce

  • Suppliers

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • COVID Secure measures for your premises

  • Workplace hygiene factors

  • Deliveries

  • Cleaning arrangements

  • Access control measures

  • Continue to support home working

  • Awareness raising of new working arrangements

  • Briefing staff

  • Advise on safe systems of working

  • Advise on measures to keep staff and customers safe

  • Independent professional advice and validation of arrangements by our qualified Associates

confidence: Do you, your staff, your customers have confidence in your ORGANISATION?


how can we assist

  • Putting people at the centre

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Staff Morale

  • Providing reassurance to staff that it is safe to return to the workplace

  • Explain new practices and arrangements

  • Provide opportunities for a site visit before taking up normal working

  • Building trust though engagement

  • Team harmonisation / building 

  • Engaging with colleagues before returning to work

  • Familiarisation visits

  • Reorientation and reintegration into the workplace

  • Awareness training do’s and don’ts

  • Briefings at all levels

contingencies: How prepared are you for the 'What if’?


how can we assist

  • Manage, monitor the change process

  • Monitor and adapt to challenges

  • Impact from seasonal changes on new working practices

  • Do you have plans in place to cover future foreseeable risks and challenges?

  • Interdependency impacts - Brexit, supply chain, workforce 

  • Assist with developing contingency plans

  • COVID Specific Risks

    • Reintroduction of lockdown measures

    • New staff

    • COVID Contact Trace identifies member of staff

    • Staff quarantined for 14 days

  • Taking an all risks approach 

  • Assist with developing Business Continuity Plans

  • Provide Crisis Management Training

  • BC Training and Exercising

  • Assistance to review / resolve lessons learned and incorporate in future arrangements

plan to survive

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