What our clients say about Foresees programmes

NVQ Level 4 - Diploma in Spectator Safety Management 

“You were given a reassurance from the instructors and they way they spoke to you and delivered the material, that they would be there to support you through the course”.

“Great presentations that will support me to complete this award. Teapot Exercise very good makes you think about all learning brought into practice”.

“The presentation style and information provided have again helped strip bare the course to make the path ahead clear”.

Crisis Management Exercise Feedback

 "Planning and preparation is the key to successful outcomes."


"Culture tends to  be optimistic toward our ability to address issues.  Need to  be more realistic about potential risks of escalation. Find the right  balance of when to employ crisis management".


"Many discussions  but  not organised, good points  but  not structured".

Council Incident Officer Programme 
“Enjoyable and informative day, thank you. Training was interesting and delivered by two highly knowledgeable, experienced practitioners. I will use the tools and templates provided on this course.”

“Great to work outdoors and see how experienced blue light partners manage these challenging situations and difficult decisions. Feel much better prepared to perform CIO role.”

“Really helpful to do the classroom refreshers like this as it forces you to take time out to think these things through. The CIO Skills part was particularly good. Thanks.”

Civil Contingencies Service;
Crisis Management Workshops

“Thought the pace of the course was very good and allowed time for discussion. Scenarios were thought-provoking and allowed very useful debate.”

“Enjoyed the engagement; made me think of very difficult decisions and what to do in those matters. Delivered well. Thank you.”

“We hope that there isn’t a need for you to invoke emergency protocols but if you do then these guys have given us, over the two days, a solid grounding to deliver what is expected of us.”

Council Incident Officer (CIO) Refresher Training Course 
“Very helpful refresher exercises demonstrated a complexity of information on incidents and pressure to prepare briefings in very short timeframes.”

“Another excellent course which has refreshed my knowledge as a council CIO.”

Effective Debriefing
“I engaged Foresee Associates to deliver their Effective Debriefing programme and was very pleased with the results.

Their debriefing model is highly flexible and the accompanying documentation provides useful templates for writing the debrief report. The students really enjoyed the practical elements of the programme which has given them the skills and confidence to utilise the debriefing model for civil contingencies applications and various other areas of council business.”

“I thought I knew how to debrief before the course but learning about the different stages in the model and how to best prepare for a debrief has really struck home. In my line of work, the other uses of this model will prove invaluable.”

“Very good course. I have facilitated debrief sessions before. However this model will allow future sessions to be of more use, with better information gathered. I will be more confident in future debriefs using this model.”

“Another enjoyable, professionally presented course from Foresee Associates. I now feel fully equipped to deliver an effective debrief.”

Community Resilience Workshops
“Thank you for helping us with our plan. It will be very important information for the next time we lose power on the island.”

“Following the severe snowstorms, SSE engaged Foresee Associates to design, develop and deliver a Community Resilience Workshop for the island communities. We were entirely satisfied with the outcome and attracted very favourable feedback from all attendees.”

Defensible Decision Making
“The complete experience was refreshing due to the professionalism of the trainers, the client-focused approach, the level of communication, pre-work and attention to detail.”

“The delivery element included an exercise which tested delegates on how they arrived at crucial decisions when commanding major incidents. I was most impressed to see senior officers walk through their decision-making processes across a number of highly credible fire & rescue scenarios and witnessed the improvements that the course input had on the outcomes.”

Loggist Training
“Excellent course, well presented. Knowledge of instructors excellent. Should be given to all senior officers.”

“It was clear to see on reflection that the content of the scenario was developed to meet specific learning outcomes. Very professional method of delivery. The speakers all had an excellent understanding of both the subject matter and its implementation.”

Partnership Planning for Emergencies
“As someone who has no previous experience of partnership planning, I found the course very interesting.”

“As a supposed ‘expert’, still had some learning points and classification of some issues. A very worthwhile course presented in a professional manner.”

Resilience Audit and Review
“Working with Historic Scotland’s Senior Management Team, Foresee Associates carried out the project to a very high standard and we were very impressed with the delivery of this.”


Tactical Training for the 8 Strategic Co-ordination Groups (SCGs) in Scotland 
“We pride ourselves in carrying out robust evaluations of our training programmes in the spirit of continuous improvement and we have been very pleased with the evaluation scores and comments following each programme he delivered.”

Business Continuity Management Workshops
“The event proved highly effective in testing our BCM measures and was well received by all participants.”

Resilience Management
“The company’s willingness to align the courses with our emergency response and recovery arrangements was recognised by the very high evaluation the training achieved and by these comments in particular:
“’Compared with other courses that I have attended /participated in regarding MES, this has been by far and away the best.’”

Threat Assessment, Management and Response
“This has totally changed how I am feeling and how I think re this. Much more confident and happy to have had all my worries and queries addressed. Many thanks.”

“This was a good course – generated a lot of valuable discussion throughout. Helped defuse concern around encountering a threatening incident. Presenters were very good – presentation / knowledge / response to questions. Handouts were helpful and easy to implement back at school. Good at putting these incidents into context. Thank you.”

Use of Social Media in Crisis Communication
“They presented an Emergency Planning workshop called ‘Use of Social Media in Crisis Communications’ to a packed audience at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow. They are vastly experienced experts in the field of resilience and spent some time preparing and planning for the conference, creating the content to my exact requirement. The workshop was topical, well researched, superbly presented and was very well received, with positive feedback from delegates.”

“We brought Foresee Associates in to run one of our Digital Workshops at SNBTS. The theme was Crisis Communications and the Use of Social Media. They really know their subject and demonstrated how quickly reputation management issues need to be considered when confronting a crisis in the rapidly moving social media landscape. The case studies they featured were very thought-provoking and the SNBTS team took a huge amount away from the event.”

Role of Elected Members in Emergencies
“Following the elections, it was recognised that a considerable number of new councillors had limited experience in local government and therefore required varying degrees of training on a range of matters, including civil contingencies. The resulting seminar was well received and highly rated by the elected members, both in terms of content and delivery. I have therefore no hesitation in recommending this company to others.”





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