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Our Services

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We help your people stay safe and secure where there’s risk. With planning, preparedness, and response training, plus life-supporting kit, we equip them to respond to emergencies.

Spectator Safety

We train spectator safety personnel, from frontline Stewards to Safety Officers. Our National Vocational Qualification courses  meet the industry-wide Green Guide standards.

Resilience Planning

Simple measures can make a big difference to your organisation’s resilience. IEM (Integrated Emergency Management) principles can help you and your staff be prepared even for a worst-case scenario.

Emergencies Planning

If something goes needlessly wrong in a crisis, the result can be costly. If the worst happened, would your plans stand up scrutiny? We can help you prepare emergency plans that match your needs.

Training Courses & Exercising

Failing to train your staff to deal with crisis and emergency situations can be costly. There may be painful long-term repercussions – especially with the media and legal scrutiny that can follow.​ So you have to get it right first time.

Which means you want training that's as unique as your people and their situation.

Crisis Management

You have business continuity plans. But how does your organisation measure up when the unthinkable happens: a crisis that’s beyond your plans?

Capturing Information in a Crisis

Capturing Information in a Crisis is for any senior manager responsible for responding to a critical incident or emergency.

Community Resilience

Community Resilience workshops are especially aimed at isolated communities, advising community representatives on how to draw up their own localised Community Resilience Plan.

Crisis Communication

Communicating in a crisis or emergency situation is vital! Not being prepared to communicate externally and internally can bring lasting damage to your organisation.

Critical-Incident Decision Making

Critical-Incident Decision Making courses are for key decision makers at strategic and tactical levels.

Effective Debriefing

Committed to continuous improvement? Our practical two-day course will show your team a quick, no-tears way to learn from past failures, bad outcomes and negative experiences.


Executive Training

Executive Training offers practical insight and specialist guidance to senior officers with executive authority and responsibility for their organisation’s performance in an emergency or critical incident.


Be it a walk-through, a tabletop simulation, live play or strategic gold group, we can design, deliver and facilitate the exercise you need to test your plans and people in any emergency situation.

Incident Management

Incident Management training can be tailored to your precise needs. We can design you a programme to suit strategic, tactical or operational levels of management.

Multi-Agency Emergency Response

Our Multi-Agency Response to Emergencies programme is for any organisation that’s required to respond to a crisis or emergency alongside the traditional ‘blue light’ agencies.

Planning & Preparedness

Our one-day Planning & Preparedness workshops focus on business continuity and the various disruptive challenges that can seriously derail normal business functions.

Resilience Management

Your Resilience Management training can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. It will be based around the resilience model of Integrated Emergency Management (IEM).

Emergency Exercises

We specialise in designing, delivering and facilitating emergency exercise models. We can design the exercise you need to test your plans and people in any emergency situation.

Threat Management

Our Threat Assessment, Management & Response training began in response to schools faced with hoax bomb calls. We offer insights into managing situations of this kind.