Integrated Emergency Management

By adopting the principles of Integrated Emergency Management your company or organisation can be more resilient.   We can help you and your staff to be prepared even for a worst-case scenario


Resilience is a relative term. You can only be more or less resilient!
So, the big question isn't are you resilient?

It's how resilient are you?

  • How well prepared and equipped are your people to respond to an emergency?

  • How resilient are your plans, processes and procedures?

  • What will your partners do in a multi-agency response to a major incident, crisis, disaster or civil emergency?

Very simple measures can make a big difference to your organisation’s resilience.

At Foresee we focus on the consequences, not the causes.

Our specialists have decades of real-world experience under their belts. We can:

  • Help identify your risks

  • Mitigate or reduce their impact

  • Examine your emergency plans

  • Review your organisation’s processes and procedures for managing emergencies

  • Make recommendations, where necessary, on enhancing your arrangements


Critical friend

Would your planning team benefit from the advice and experience of seasoned emergency specialists?

Would independent advice add value to your current exercising and testing regime?

Foresee Associates can advise and help if you are designing, developing, testing or exercising resilience plans. We can:

  • Support and assist your planning team

  • Help with scenario development and design

  • Facilitate your exercise and follow up with a report with constructive, independent feedback and recommendations.