Wherever in the world you have to operate, bad things happen. Most times they are predictable or even inevitable.  Rarely are they unforeseeable. 



At Plan2Survive our aim is to help people keep safe in whichever setting they find themselves. Be supported and learn from our seasoned professionals on how to conduct your business, outdoor pursuits or personal activities anywhere in the world safely, so that if the unexpected occurs that you are prepared and can return home safely to family and friends.


Duty of Care


The legal and moral obligation to keep staff safe is a complex field to navigate to ensure that as an employer you have met all your obligations when your staff travel overseas or if you provide services during the pandemic.


Travel Safety


Raising your awareness of travelling across the globe helps you anticipate potential challenges and monitoring in-country activity helps you avoid situations that could be harmful so that you can return home safely.


Safety and Security Equipment


We can provide a range of tried and tested equipment that has consistently proven in keeping people safe from harm as they go about their business, travel internationally and in providing services during a pandemic.


If you would like more information on how we can help, Contact us or visit our sister site at  Plan2Survive.co.uk  



Plan2Survive is owned and delivered by Foresee Associates Ltd 

Plan2Survive is already helping to protect international NGO fieldworkers in high-risk zones.


It can be adapted for a wide range of people and places worldwide where firearms, terrorism, natural hazards or scant emergency services threaten safety.

It will serve personnel assigned to challenging environments abroad where foreign journalists, humanitarian teams, diplomatic staff, and other workers may risk attack, abduction or accidental injury.

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