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Wherever in the world you have to operate, bad things happen. Most times they are predictable or even inevitable.


Rarely are they unforeseeable.

Prepared for the worst? If it’s down to us, we help your people stay safe and secure. We do it through simple planning, preparedness, and response training, plus life-supporting equipment.

At Foresee, our approach to risks and threats is based on resilience doctrine. The aim is to develop flexible arrangements for responding to emergencies, whether foreseen or not.

At grassroots level, individuals and communities play a key role because they may be involved in the emergency. Individual resilience, based on our instinct for survival, is central to resilience. So responsibility must lie at the local level – with individual responsibility the principal building block.

Plan2Survive is designed to assist organisations with advice, basic drills, contingency plans, practical measures and equipment designed to safeguard staff caught up in an emergency, terrorist or criminal attack.

It could take hours for emergency services to reach those needing help, particularly if their location is too dangerous or too remote for assistance to approach.



And more often than not it will be ‘zero responders’ who will provide that immediate assistance. But without the necessary equipment, their task will be difficult.

If you have a legal responsibility (Duty of Care) for the safety of staff, that’s where Plan2Survive comes in.

Other organisations may supply survival kit and first-aid equipment. WE ARE DIFFERENT.

Plan2Survive is a flexible package of advice, training and equipment to give your people the best chance of survival if their working world turns suddenly into a deadly challenging environment.

We provide advice, training and lifesaving equipment to help people take responsibility for their own safety and that of their team.

It could get them through a life-threatening terrorist strike or criminal attack.
It could mean surviving potentially fatal accidents such as the road crashes that are tragically commonplace in some countries and lead to the most serious injuries and loss of life.

We tailor the plan to each client’s needs. Whether the required position is Hibernation, Relocation or Evacuation, our practical tools, plans and equipment can help to keep the people in your care safe.

Plan2Survive can be customised to fit in with contingency plans you already have to ensure your team are well prepared to save themselves and others in terrifying situations. They’ll be alert to the signals. They’ll know the drill. They’ll promptly take the right action in the vital first moments of a crisis.

We achieve this using simple steps:

  • Assess the likely risks

  • Identify ways to reduce, eliminate or remove your risks

  • Bolster existing arrangements or develop practical new plans so your people are ready to swing into action, knowing what to do and how

  • Supply life-saving equipment and train you or your team in using the contents (either hands-on or by supported distance learning)

  • Advise you on getting back to normal after an incident.

Is Plan2Survive for you? Let’s look into it together. Contact us.

Plan2Survive is already helping to protect international NGO fieldworkers in high-risk zones.


It can be adapted for a wide range of people and places worldwide where firearms, terrorism, natural hazards or scant emergency services threaten safety.

It will serve personnel assigned to challenging environments abroad where foreign journalists, humanitarian teams, diplomatic staff, and other workers may risk attack, abduction or accidental injury.

Is Plan2Survive for you? Let’s look into it together. Contact us.