Recently a police Divisional Commander with 1000 staff, Lesley is a transformational change practitioner who cultivates the power of the workforce and motivates people to embrace change.


She’s experienced in helping organisations to adapt and thrive when impacted by forces such as Covid-19.

Lesley can help your organisation to navigate destabilising change and build resilience with:


  • Confident change-programme management

  • Planning for capacity building and contingencies

  • Dynamic decision making

  • Building trust, team harmonisation and engagement

  • Facilitating individual coping strategies

  • Empowering and training staff at all levels

  • Personal & professional development

  • Reorientation and reintegration into the workplace

  • Awareness training

  • Mediation / conflict resolution

  • Leading continuous improvement

  • Helping your people to be the best version of themselves.

Lesley A Clark QPM



Lesley is a motivational leader with a passion for people. Her successful approach to leadership earned her the Queen’s Police Medal in the 2018 New Year’s Honours while she was Divisional Commander of Lothian & Scottish Borders, the culmination of a highly successful policing career.

She has extensive experience in preparing, managing and reinforcing organisational change.

Now with Foresee, Lesley helps organisations to rally and grow strong in the face of destabilising forces such as Covid-19.

As well as being a trained and recognised mentor, she is a successful transformational change practitioner. She has an outstanding track record in cultivating the power of a workforce, and enabling people to embrace change by putting them at the centre of the change process.

This is what she can do for your team.

Lesley believes the culture of any organisation is vital to well-being and success. She ascribes her vision on leadership and team harmony to management training with the John Lewis Partnership, where she rose rapidly to the post of Assistant Staff Trainer before joining the police.

Well-being and engagement have always been high on Lesley’s agenda. As Divisional Commander in charge of 1000 staff, her approach brought about major improvements in performance. This achievement grew from building trust and harmony by personally valuing people – notably with the roll-out of her ‘Inspire, Encourage and Enable’ strategy.

Throughout Lesley’s career, measurable results have vindicated her belief that identifying talent and helping others to be the best version of themselves improves morale and success.

A recognised mentor responsible for staff development, she received awards from the Scottish Women's Development Forum in 2015, both for Mentoring and for Special Achievement. Her work in training and mentoring new commanders has won national recognition as well.

Lesley also brings skills and experience in partnership and collaborative working, where she has consistently fostered excellent relationships and delivered excellent results. A trained crisis negotiator and experienced firearms commander, she previously headed up event and security planning, successfully negotiating buy-in from partner organisations in major complex events – including the Edinburgh International Festival.

She has experience too in the third sector, where recent work with the British Red Cross saw her serve as tactical lead for Covid-19 response in Scotland.



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