Frequently asked questions

How long have you been operating?

Foresee Associates have been going for more than a decade. We started in 2009, and clients from those early days are still inviting us back to work with them.

Where do you operate?

Foresee Associates operate mostly in UK and Ireland. Some of our Associates can operate in mainland Europe and Africa too.

What kind of organisations do you work with?

Foresee Associates have worked with a wide variety of clients of all sizes. Among them are the Scottish Government, large and small businesses, emergency services, councils, schools, Scottish Football Association, Historic Environment Scotland and international non-governmental organisations.

Why do people trust you?

There are several reasons people trust Foresee Associates. Let’s outline some of the main ones. We’ve been going for over 10 years. That doesn’t only amount to a great deal of experience; we’ve had time to build an experienced and knowledgeable team. We have a solid reputation. And our customer feedback and testimonials consistently bear that out. Also, we listen. From the outset, we look for the best solution for you – even if (rarely) that means directing you to another agency instead of us.

One size fits all?

No. We’ll always talk with you and match what we deliver to your organisation’s needs.

Do all the Associates have a police background?

All of our people have held senior executive roles in Foresee’s areas of expertise. Most of the team joined us with around 30 years’ police experience under their belts. We have Associates from other disciplines too, including the Fire & Rescue Service, media relations, and local-authority contingency management.

What would hiring Foresee mean for our budget?

Because Foresee Associates don’t do off-the-shelf packages, we’ll always discuss your needs first to work out the best solution and approach. Tailoring the service to your situation means you pay for exactly what you need.

Can you handle a sensitive assignment for us?

Sometimes anonymous information is the most valuable part of an investigation report. Foresee Associates are experienced in conducting discreet investigations. Being independent also puts us in a strong position when it comes to internal investigations as well as debriefing any type of incident or challenge. When required, we can provide anonymity to participants, reassuring whistle-blowers that they won't be exposed.



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