Gold Command Training

No organisation wants to have a crisis or emergency, however, it’s inevitable that things do go wrong and in our digitally connected world it is quickly reported in the news or on social media.


Gold Command is not business as usual.  It is a step change to deal exclusively with the emergency present and requires the full engagement and participation of the executive team to respond quickly and effectively. You might have business continuity plans to deal with a wide range of risks you have pre- identified, but what happens when those plans run out?

Our training offers practical insight and specialist guidance to anyone who has executive authority and responsibility for their organisation’s performance in an emergency or critical incident.

With a strong strategic focus on planning, preparedness, response and recovery issues, this course examines statutory and non-statutory responsibilities. 

We don't provide off the shelf packages, we provide training that is fit for propose to match our clients needs. 

The content might include:

  • Legislation

  • Strategic Role & Responsibilities

  • Structure, functions, subsidiarity

  • Command & Control v Coordination & Collaboration

  • Challenges – Stress, Media, Resilience

  • Case studies

  • Exercise

It can be delivered to you executive team or on a one-to-one basis.



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