Emergency Planning Response Training

If the worst happened, would your plans stand up to scrutiny?

We've seen it in the news again and again.

When something goes needlessly wrong in a crisis, the results can be catastrophic. Sometimes even deadly.

So it's important to prepare contingency plans, document them and exercise them.

Of course it is!

There's no doubt that a robust emergency-planning response training regime will give everyone peace of mind. 

However, that can make huge demands on stretched resources!

That's where Foresee can ease the burden.


We can give you an independent, expert assessment on your level of emergency planning, preparedness and response. And we can provide training that match your needs.


Do you have plans? Do they reflect the current capacity and capability of your management and staff to respond effectively?

At Foresee Associates, we have decades of experience in emergencies planning. We can:

  • Review existing arrangements to deal with an emergency

  • Help you prepare realistic, flexible measures, commensurate with your business needs

  • Identify key actions to support a coordinated response

  • Develop plans that can be underpinned by testing and training

  • Map out your steps back to normal

  • Train your staff in Integrated Emergency Management (IEM).



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