Crisis Management Training

Does your crisis management work in a crisis?

You have business continuity plans. But how does your organisation measure up when the unthinkable happens: a crisis that’s beyond your plans?

One thing’s for sure.

If you are hit, your organisation has to be crisis-prepared.

You cannot afford doubts about your team’s capacity to adapt and respond rapidly.

You risk...
...slow, costly recovery
...and long-term damage to your business and your reputation.

Fail to be crisis-prepared, and that’s how you’ll be continue to be seen... customers and the media the industry shareholders, lenders and litigators.

Plus, you may need to withstand the scrutiny of an investigation afterwards.

They can be time-sapping, public, messy and painful.

They can unveil more than most organisations would care to disclose.

Time and again, they expose avoidable flaws in the organisation’s preparedness. Often they reveal not enough was done to identify early warning signals. Or more could have been done to improve damage-limitation mechanisms. 

In short, they often show the unthinkable wasn’t unthinkable.

Crisis-prepared? Or crisis prone?

Crisis-prone organisations don’t just lack adequate contingency plans. They neglect to nurture a collective mindset of vigilance. They lack the capacity to spot warning signs in time to avert a crisis.

If any of these assumptions influence the culture within your organisation, it’s at risk: you are crisis-prone...
 “No need to prepare for something that won’t ever happen.”

 “We’re too big to fail.”

 “Someone would rescue us if it came to the worst.”

 “Odds are: nothing will happen till I’m out of here.”

 “Terrible things only ever happen to other people.”


When you’re crisis-prepared, on the other hand, you reduce your risk of succumbing to a crisis. If it happens, you will limit the damage and recover quickly.

Research shows that, compared to crisis-prone organisations, crisis-prepared organisations...

...experience fewer crises,

...are more profitable,

...have fewer lawsuits and injuries,

...lose fewer days in resuming operations.


If you’re at risk of being crisis-prone, we can help

We can help you be that robust organisation that’s respected and trusted by customers, investors, staff, the industry and the media.


  • The crisis-management skills and capabilities you take away from our training can be applied immediately in your organisation.

  • Staff will be capable, competent and confident in managing a crisis. They’ll be well trained and well exercised.

  • You’ll be armed with an understanding of significant research and case studies, guided by an expert with decades of real-life experience.

  • If there is a crisis, aftermath investigations won’t faze your team. And the outcome won’t harm your reputation.

  • Stakeholders can be assured you have sound crisis preparations underpinned by effective business continuity and risk management.

  • You’ll be crisis-prepared, not crisis-prone.

What we do...

  • Review your organisation’s preparedness objectively.

  • Work with you to ensure you have a robust, realistic crisis-management system that covers...
    Crisis planning | Prevention | Response | Recovery.

  • Deliver memorable crisis management training – blending the practical with an understanding of research findings and case studies.

  • Take your people through a simulation experience that will test and reinforce best practice that’s relevant to your organisation.

Dr Kevin Pollock

BSc (Hons), DipEcon, MSc, DipBCM, PhD

Programme leader Kevin Pollock is an internationally respected consultant and academic, specialising in crisis management and resilience.

He gained his doctorate during 30 years’ police service, and trained as a UK representative of the EU Civil Protection Programme.


Kevin is Foresee's Lead Associate in crisis management. In this programme, he skilfully blends academic rigour with wisdom amassed from extensive practical experience.



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