Crisis Communications

Communicating in a crisis or emergency situation is absolutely vital. In this day and age, not being prepared to communicate externally and internally is unforgivable and can bring lasting damage to your organisation.

Many organisations who handle a crisis well operationally are still heavily criticised if they get their communications wrong. In these days of social media, live video and 24-hour news channels, reputations can be destroyed in minutes. You have to be prepared to respond as soon as you can to show you are in control of the situation.

Our Associates have years of experience in crisis communications through the police, local authorities, and NHS, as well as private and third-sector organisations. They have taken part in scores of real-life crises as well as exercises.

It’s not just the media who will be craving up-to-date information. The general public and employees will too, as well as government agencies. You need to ensure plans are in place to support this when a crisis happens.

Don’t panic, because help is at hand. Foresee Associates can guide you through every step of the communications process and help your organisation prepare for the worst.


We'll teach you key skills to cope with communicating in a crisis, and support you in preparing your crisis communications plan using the resources you have at your disposal.


We can run theoretical exercises or live-play in a safe and protected environment to ensure you are prepared to safeguard – and even enhance – your reputation.

Course feedback 

They are vastly experienced experts in the field of resilience and spent some time preparing and planning for the conference, creating the content to my exact requirement. The workshop was topical, well researched, superbly presented and very well received, with positive feedback from delegates.


They really know their subject and demonstrated how quickly reputation management issues need to be considered when confronting a crisis in the rapidly moving social media landscape. The case studies they featured were very thought-provoking and the SNBTS team took a huge amount away from the event.



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